Sweet Deception

Bless if myself of just a few short years ago could see me now! I wasn’t always looking as fit and healthy, as everyone comments I look these days. Back then I had a waist size of more than 36″ and have weighed more than 5 stone to the natural and healthy weight I find myself today and It seems really odd for me to be talking about eating “Real Food”. It is thought the essence of how I have had such a miraculous transformation, where the weight fell off and most importantly stayed off! It is not the only benefit I have found, the brain fog, I didn’t even realise I had, lifted and my energy levels and mood, yes mood soared, as I am so much happier then I can every remember feeling.   

The main factor, I believe, to my success has been the change to “Real Food” and these days after much research, I am plant based too. I say Plant Based as Vegan seems to now come with a political agenda, but that is a subject for another post. Sugar in its many altered states seems to be a major component to what has degraded our diets of the last couple of decades and the attached short Ted Talk shines a light on to the wider picture of this challenging topic. 


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